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°·.¸«¤`LiL´Rønica¤»¸.·° [entries|friends|calendar]
♥..*Rønica Lee*..♥

The Girl

Name: VeRoNiCa
Age: 13
School:Coeburn Middle
Status: Takein By:John Walling
I'm a: GIRL
Likes: I Like: boyz,shoping and lotz more
Dislikes: I Dont Like: LOTZ OF THINGZ

The Quotes

"O MUH GOD karen, u cant juss ask people why thry're white."
"On wedsdayz,we wear pink!!!"
"dont have sex,b//c u will get pregate and die."
"Get in Loser we're going shopping"
"im sick i cant go........BOO U WHORE"
"well u have ur first cusins"
"We all sould just stab ceacer,Brutus is just as smart as
ceacer,people like Brutus just as much as they like Ceacer"
"IM sorry people are so jealous of me,but i cant help it im so popular"

The Plastics

Hey yall wanted to say im soo happy that me and Tasha and MOjo are friendz
I love You~!!soo many irreplaceable memoriez MUCH LOVE 2 YALL
Puddin`, i love u and im soo happy we're friendz U ROKK Love Ur Gutz~!!*
John I Love u baby and allwayz will.i dunno wure id b wit outcha~!!*LOVE YOU*
for all muh other friendz*I LOVE YOU ALL*
and Tasha Lee i love u gurl and we've had soo many good memoriez
ANd last but not least Justina.gurl u've been there for me thro everything.
and i love u like a sis.and i alwayz wil.LOVE U SpRINKLE**
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June 28th, 2006
[ mood | MAd* ]

I got this from PUDDIN.....thanx hunay♥
Just two..... If you READ it, you haveta do it.

Two Names You Go By:
1.) RoNiCa
2.) RoNnIe

Two Parts of Your Heritage:
1.)Hell if i kno
2.) hummmm

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Pink Tank Top
2.) Pink Jammie Bottoms

Two Things You Would Want in a Relationship:
1.) Someone whoz Truthful
2.) A Real MAN

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1.) Talkin
2.) Hangin out

Two Things You Want Really Badly At The Moment:
1.)To Go HOME 
2.) To Talk to Cody*

Two pets you had/have:
1.) Have:Dog//Wilbur
2.) Had:Cat//Fuzzy

Two people who will fill this out:
1.) Fuk if I know
2.) *Some one wit nuttin better to do

Two things you did last night:
1.) Went to Candyz
2.) Talked to Bubba

Two things you ate today:
1.) Pizza Rolls
Two people you Last Talked To:
1.) Ashley
2.) Justina

Two Things You're doing tomorrow:
1.) I don't Kno
2.) *hummmm...

Two longest car rides:
1.) Virginia To Flordia
2.) Hmm and Virgina to Texas

Two Favorite Holidays:
1.) Fourth Of July
2.) *Christmas

Two Things You Can't Live Without:
1.) My Daddy
2.) Friends

Ok now that you've read mine. Repost with your answers.

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June 26th, 2006
[ mood | Sneepy ]

Hey Yall...sorry it took me soooo long to update.like befor my internet at my house dont work....but it gettin fixed well hooked up again this week.sometime.well not much has happednd.ummm skools out. i been goin places,and goin to tha pool like everyday.and lemmie tell ya im burned up. i look like a pepper.lol.and well thas about it.and my dadda has a new girlfriend...her names Mellie Stanley.and shez great.ummm my mamamwz house is almost done,and my uncle johnny got kicked out his house and hes movein back here...ugh i miss all you and i cant wait till 8th grade and skool starts so i can see all u.ima go ♥i love all you people♥Leave me some commentz!!*♥PEACE♥


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May 14th, 2006
[ mood | I ♥ you Losers ]

I Love You Losers!!!
Naw yall aint losers!! but anywayz i kno itz been hell and ever since i updated.but my computer at my house dont work and rite now im at my uncle Johnnyz house in big stone.hummm well ill tell ya watz happend here lately...ummm i dumped John after puttin up wit his immature ass for five monthes.now im datein Joseph Hale.and well letz see skewlz gonna be out in 6 more dayz.so im tryin my best to stay outta trouble and outta drama wit my friends.but somehow i alwayz get caught up in all kindza drama,over Kody Sargent.but thatz another story.ummm im bored.it smellz like weed here.ugh gross.Tasha,dont worrie ur gonna be fine w/o you kno who and find tha rite person.Ashley ur momz a whore.Mojo i love you.oh yeah i hada take a science Exam and i passed it wit a 72....woho,go Ronica,go Ronica.and i hada take a Math S.O.L and well i have no idea if i passed it or not.but lemmie tell ya that junk waz hard.well tha first part waz.and some time thiz week i gotta Litturature SOL.but that class iz easy so
yeah that gonna be easy.well yeah im tryin to make this long but im runnin outta junk to say...ummm i got my nose peirced last tuesday,it hurt.but i like it and it waz worth
it.well it think ima go and well herez sum randoms and shoutoutz.PeAcE oUt*

-*im bored.
-*ima smell like weed wen i leave.
-*hay that last one rhymed
-*Kodyz Gay
-*Dollarz...rember ashley??
-*Mizz Melissa needz to update her Journal.
-*Destinee,TED lovez you more.*lol
-*my toe nailz are lime green
-*Oscar mayer weener....candy*
-*green towel/*
-*Ted sead he lovez you
-*shew ima do my shoutoutz now!!

Cody,John,Kody,Tyler,RJ,Brian,Joseph,Justin,Wesley,Cody D.,Jermey,Johnny,
and all you otha people if i forgot anyone!!!

Later Leave me some commentz!!! Peace Out!!*


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April 8th, 2006
[ mood | im cold.*=] ]

SRY ill update later wen i have more time!!but i wanted to say i love yall and i am okay im havein problemz wit my friendz and family rite now and ive been busy! but i love you all...and leave me some commentz and ill check them tro my email...and if anyone wantz to email me that would be great...i really need people to talk to! but anywayz ima go!! i love you all!*
I Love...ummm....yeah dunno.im single...naw im datein sabastion...*i think*

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February 28th, 2006

I HATE Coeburn Skools,People who say there your Friend to your face and  then go behind ur back and talk all kindza Shyt about you,and well thas all i wanted to say*

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February 27th, 2006
[ mood | I Love U LOseRZ* ]

Hey Yall ima give yall a quick Update*well itz Monday*and me and John are still together for all yall thatz wonderin*lol*and well Ashley came back from Flordia today*it waz fun i missed her*lol*i had a fun weekend i went to my uncle Johnneyz and stayed...hez Kewl...hez 18 and livez in bigstone*lol..it waz fun and i got a new Nick Name from hiz friend dillion...''Dillionz Pet Miget''...i love it*hez so tall..and well im short*well thatz about all*...ima go i love you...Colbey,John,Ashley,Serena,Both Tashaz,Mojo,Justina,and All u otha LOSERZ...you kno who you are*Later Yall Love you ...Leave me Sum COmmentz/*I lOVE u JohN*.*-Mizz.Veronica*.*

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February 27th, 2006
[ mood | im Burinin up* ]

Got thiz From Tiara*♥u*

001. Name: Veronica Paige Lee
002. Nickname: Vonnie,BiscuiteHeade,Piglet,Bubblez,Dillionz Pet Miget,Ronica,Ronnie,pinkie,Johnz Bitch*and asheyz Migga*..
003. Single or taken: Taken <3
004. Place of Birth: Norton
005. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
006. Male or Female: Female
007. Your last name: Lww
008. School: Coeburn Middle School
009. Occupation: None
010. Your SN: tinkerbell_babe83

012. Hair Color: Brown and Blonde
013. Hair Long or Short: Medium
014. Eye Color: Blue
015. How do your nails look? Good--->i guess*
016. Height: 5'4
017. Do you have a crush on someone: Yeah
018. Do you like yourself: Yeah
019. Braces?: No
020. Think your hott?: I guess
021. Piercings: Ears,cartlege
022. Tattoo: Nope
023. Righty or Lefty: Righty

049. Eating: Gum
050. Drinking: Mango Gatorade
051. Mood: Hott
052. Online: Yeah
053. Listening to: The tv
054. Thinking About: My baby John = ]
055. Wanting To: Not to my Rough Draft for my story
056. Watching: Monster House
057. Wearing: Shorts,a shirt,and a John I Burton Hoddie

058. Want Kids?: Yeah a gurl and a Boy

059. Want to Get Married?: Yeah
s060. Careers in Mind: Pharmasicst,Day Care Owner

067. Cute or Sexy: Sexy068. Lips or Eyes: Lips
069. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
070. Short or Tall: Taller
071. Easy going?: Yeah
072. Romantic or Spontaneous: Romantic
073. Fatty or Skinny: Skinny
074. Sensitive or Loud: A little of both,LOL
075. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship or Hook up...i dont kare*
076. Sweet or Caring: Both

077. Trouble Maker or Hesitant one: Trouble Maker*

078. Kissed a Stranger: Yes
079. Drank Bubbles?: Yea
080. Lost glasses/contacts: I Have Glassez but i dont wearem
081. Ran Away From Home: Yes
082. Broken a Bone: Yes...are,rite ancle,and my pinkie toe like 3 timez
083. Got an X-ray: Yeah
084. Broken Someones Heart: Yeah
085. Broke Up With Someone: Yeah
086. Turned Someone Down: Yeah
087. Cried When Someone Died: Yeah
088. Cried At School: Yeah

089. God: Yeah
090. Miracles: Yeah
091. Love At First Sight: Yeah
092. Ghosts: Yeah
093. Aliens: Yes
094. Heaven: Yeah
096. Hell: Yeah
098. Kissing on The First Date: Yeah
099. Horoscopes: Yep*

Later Skater... I Love Y0u*♥

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February 20th, 2006
[ mood | Im Sneepy ]

♥Veroncia Loves You♥

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February 18th, 2006
[ mood | ♥im drivein John trazie♥ ]

*Hey people*Howz everyone been doin?? me?? glad you asked*ive been SicK*Geeze*thatz wat i get for bein like a kid and playin in tha snow*lol well i think ima tell yall watz been goin on lately*welL Sunday-Justina went home*and i hung out all day...Monday-no skewl*i think..if there waaz Veronica didnt go*=] tuesday-snow schedual*went to skewl seen John and all my friendz*it waz Super Fun*Wedsday-Skewl,John,Friendz,Church,Fone,talked 2 John and Cody,Bed*Thursday-Same as Wedsday*Friday-Half day*=] Skewl,talked to Ashley,john,cody,adn all tha otha millionz of friendz i got*umm sat in class b/c i didnt get to see some dum movie b//c i got saspended*.(again)talked to my homez*:) wen to Snack talked to ashley*man ashley and her sis Serena are like my best friendz...b//s'z John*=] anywayz..Today*woke up to tha Sound of Justinaz vioce at like 12...layed around my house all day...talked to Colbey,Tiara,John,Tasha,and more people*and all kindz of more junk*...

0k im g0nna be s0 b0red my Gurl Ashley Left me t0 g0 FL0rdia Until tha 27th =[....Tear,Tear...my gurl Serenaz here th0*lol*and JOhn..Duh*and all my other Loser Friendz***LOL***yall kn0 u still l0ve me..itz not my fault all you guyz are loserz th0*lol*im crazii and HYPER*=]  ummm ok*i dont kno wat else too say..:::::ok OKokokokokokok i got it*//**/ SHOUTOUTZ*ummm ..I L0vE aLL u LoSeRz*=]*thatz all*ok Veronicaz gotto go*now=[ itz ok dont cry now...ill be back*~~~Leave me sum Commentz~~~Later Skaterz*

I LoVE u JohN,ColBey,AsHLey,SeReNa,Kristen,TiAra,M0j0,TasHaLee,TAsha Branhm,CoDy(my HomEz),PuDdin...and once again all you otha Loser Friendz*=]...U kno u ♥me*


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February 11th, 2006
[ mood | oh yeah Veronicaz 13!!! ]

Hey everyone!! todayz my B-Day!! yay go Veronica!!!*im here waitin on Justina to get here!!!*well thatz all i wanted to tell yaz!! later yall leave me sum commentz!!!!!!!*


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Yes i am ALIVE* [Wednesday
February 8th, 2006
[ mood | Tazy Gurl* ]

*Hey everyone!!*well im sorry i aint updated in a while,,,ive been really busy wit junk*but yeahi dont really kno wat to tell ya but i aint really been up to alot lately!!! just workin stuff out wit all my friendz,and john.but i dont kno...i wat ima do wit him!! lol but i dunno...well Saturday iz Veronicaz 13th B-day!! yay!!*and it sux b//c i g2g2 saturday skewl*= [....but it might be fun b//c last week it waz!! oh yeah too all my friendz im exspecting presentz on Monday!!![LOL] but anywayz ima go ill update a longer better one wen im not 1/2 asleep*!!LoL/*-♥u!


Later yall leave me some commentz!!!



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February 6th, 2006
[ mood | im CoLd ]

hey Yall! do this for me!

1. Am I cute?:
2. Am I hot?:
3. Am I sweet?:
4. Am I crazy?:
5. Am I loveable?:
6. Am I funny?:
7. Am I annoying?:
8. Am I psycho?:
9. Am I daring?:
10.Am I a good person?:
11.Am I sexy?:

11. Hug me?:
12. Miss me if I was gone?:
13. Listen to my problems?:
14. Hug me if i cried?:
15. Be a good friend?:


16. Ever go out with me?:
17. If you already have would you do it again?:
18. Kiss me ?:
20. Marry me if you could?:(this?is a lil out there but oh well):


22. How old am I?:
23. What school do I go to?:
26. Who is my best friend?:
27. Who am I dating?:
28. Favorite animal?:
29. Favorite sport?:
30. Favorite TV show?:
31. Favorite song/songs?:
32. Favorite music group?:


34. Give me a new name, what would it be?:
35. Hook me up with someone, who would it be?:
36. Do one thing with me what would it be?:
37. Drop me one piece of advice, what would it be?:


38.What do you love about me?:
39. What do you hate about me?(honestly):
40. What is my best quality?:
41. If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:

Hey Fill this out for me and put in ur Journal so i can fill it out for you`!!!


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February 4th, 2006
[ mood | Im Sad..John u rly Hurt me!!!! ]

I got this off of Tiara and thought I should put it on mine!

Ask me a question about each of the following catagories(annoy or user):
[RANDOM] (Anything At All)

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January 30th, 2006
[ mood | Hiper* ]

Think about this... You may not realize it, but it's 100% true.

1. At least 2 people in this world LOVE you so much they would DiE for you.

2. At least 15 people in this world love you in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you is because they want to be just like you.

4. A SMiLE from you can bring happiness to anyone, even if they don't like you.

5. Every night, SOMEONE thinks about you before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. If not for you, someone may not be living.

8. You are special & unique.

9. Someone that you don't even know exists, loves you.

10. When you make the biggest mistake ever, something good comes from it.

11. When you think the world has turned its back on you, take a look: you most likely turned your back on the world.

12. When you think you have no chance of getting what you want, you probably won't get it, but if you BELiEVE in yourself, probably, sooner or later, you will get it.

13. Always remember the compliments you received. FORGET about the rude remarks.

14. Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know.

15. If you have a GREAT FRiEND, take the time to let them know that they are great.

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Hey* [Saturday
January 28th, 2006
[ mood | I ♥ Jøhn ]

<center>Cømment øn thiz and cøpy and paste it and fill it øut...then pøst it øn ur L.J. sø i can fill it øut før yøu!!! ♥U!


1.Your Full Name:

2. Age:

3. Fave Color:

4. Fave Movie:

5. Fave Song:

6. Fave Band:

7. Fave Food:

8. Most Embarassing Moment:

9. Are you a virgin?

HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...
1. Are we friends?

2. Do you have a crush/attracted to me?

3. Would you kiss me?

4. ...with tongue?

5. Would you enjoy it?

6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I ask you out?

7. Would you make a move on me in a movie theater?

8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:

9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?

10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?

11. If you heard a rumor about me, would you defend me?

12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?

13. Do you think I'm a good person?

14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?

15.Do you think I'm Hot?

16. Would you call me just because?

17. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they dont involve you?

18. If you could change anything about me, would you?

19.Would you have sex with me?

20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?

21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?</center>

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January 26th, 2006
[ mood | Yumm......Bugz ]

Hey Yall....yes i AM alive...ive just been busy...well i think last time u heard from me i waz in a fight w// Shondii....well ok here go's!!!!

January 11and 12-i had OSS b//c of that fight..

January 13-16- nuttin much happend...i saw John at skool...yay...16th waz Andyz 15th B-day (Happy birthday to you)

January17-19th- nuttin much happend...i saw John at skool...yay...umm well like i sead nuttin happend..

January 20th- my Brother Nickz 5th b-day.....(happy birthday to NIck) i saw John at skool...yay...i went to my momz...i HATED IT...tha only thing i like goin down there for iz to be wit Nick and Sondra and i had too stay with my mom till Sunday (tha22)

January 23- shew....ok well Moday..i took some tylonal to skewl b//c i had monthey problemz... stuff to skoo...and well letz ust say ALL my friendz tripped out,and got all worried about me.b//c they thought it waz summim else..and well i tottally understand why they tripped out...and well someother stuff happend with Ashley,and a tin box with flames on it...lol...and that night i woke up at 2 o'clock in tha mornin trowing up...YUCK...

January 24- i didnt go to skool..and well Mr.Padget called my house and told my dad that people told him i had pills at skool....and he sead i wont be in trouble unless it could be phisicly proved i had it...so i got all ticked off....and went to skool....well there nuttin happend....but wen i got home Mr.Padget told my dad i had 3 dayz OSS...well thatz all...

January 25 and 26- nuttin stayed at home...well yesserday i went to skool to get all my assighnments...and stayed home all day enjoying my vacation...LOL...

oh yeah yall my pappawz in tha hospital b//c his Kidneyz are shutting down,so everyone keep him in your prayers...and pray for me b//c im in a tough time in my life...and pray for MOJO b//c she has to go to a doctor in Kingsport to see a doctor,and remember her!!!

and to all my friendz i go to skool wit...i want yall to kno im sorry bout wat i out you through...and it over...i quit...and i swear never again...and i want u to kno not to blame thiz on John,it waz my decision....and i hope yall forgive me and can still be my friendz...♥I LøVE YøU ALL♥...!!!!

-Later and Luvinz-Leave me some Commentz-I Love You-



♥V£røÑica and JøhÑ♥


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January 8th, 2006
[ mood | ♥Hell i cant compain♥ ]

Hey everybody I got this off of somebody's journal so I thought I should put it on mine!

10 Reasons to Date a Softball Player

10. We always know how to yell when were gettin wild.

9. We know how to score.

8. We know how to grab big balls.

7. We like to hold long hard sticks called bats.

6. We know how to play the game.

5. Were not afraid to get down and dirty.

4. We always wear our hair up so it dont get in the way.

3. Were not afraid to go home.

2. We know how to put protection on heads.

1. We like to play rough and hard and were determined to go as long as we can.

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January 7th, 2006
[ mood | ♥ I LovE JoHn ♥ ]


Hey Everyone...well ima tell u wat happened today.

well me and justina didnt get to go to tha moviezz today...but

but my boy mathew elis did...and he got kicked out for seeing

a rated R movie...wen hez under age..and well john did go but he didnt go in he left

went somewere else....but oh well....tomorrow nite me and Justina

gonna be so fun...and i hope we dont get kicked out.....Unlike sum pplz..>


well ima go ♥LUVINZZ♥


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January 6th, 2006
[ mood | °·:·°IM Happy°·:·° ]

Hey yall.watz happenin`? not much here bored as hell like alwayz.welll i think ima tell yall watz all been goin on since tuesday*. well like yall kno i dyed my hair alburn,wich iz a purpleish redish colur...and well i went to skool and everyone loved my hair*...and all and i waz sooo happy too see john...*omg he looked good*...damn.well nothin much happend...i guess....umm mathew got a new tattoo that so kick-ass...*L0L* and tasha waz afraid to cum over there to sit wit me b//c mathew and john were there and she freezez around mathew *LoL and thatz all.and thursday i went  to skool and all nuttin went on...same old junk...o yeah Cody salyerz came back and at lunch he told me to snort salt....so i put sum on my finger and snorted it...and at first i waz hell yeah then i waz like thiz shit burnz...and it burt for hell and ever....*lol* and then wen john came in there i told him and he waz like i dont belive u...snort summore...so me and my dumbass did....it waz funie as hell...but it burnt like hell too...lol then thatz all tha happend ...and wen i waz walkin out there to get on muh bus john waz sittin there on tha bench like he alwayz iz and chissie waz like im walkin wit u to make sure u dont give him no money...lol...but i did anywayz.we sat there and talked for hell and ever then he huged me and i sead call me and we got on our busses...and andy thro a bottle at me.dumbass.lol well thatz all...we didnt go to skool today b//c of tha snow...i talked to justina purty much all day...and Me,justina are goin to tha moviez tomorrow....hehehehe itz gonna be fun....LoL*well ima go people Luvinz*






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January 3rd, 2006
[ mood | *I love my new hair colur* ]

   Hey Everyone*.waz goin on? me nuttin well ima tell yall watz been goin on lately.well saturday,i spent tha night with justina and we watched hide and seek.it waz creepy.*and then we watched tha ball drop then we fell asleep and woke up sunday and got ready and went to church.*and me and tyler gpt into a stapler fight.it waz so funnie.*LMFAO*.and i went home and hung out and all junk.then monday i woke up at 1:30 and my cuzin tasha came over here.*and we watched tha 40 year old virgin and sum other moviez.*and i got aline argued with darius.then we went to sleep.amd today we woke up at 1again and went to my mammawz and ate and i talked to justina and junk.*then we came to my house aand  we juss chilled and junk.*then i took a shower.and we dyed my hair.itz so *cute* or at least i think so.*itz like a redish blackish colur and were my blonde higth litez wure.thatz red now*.butit lookz* good.and well we have to go back to school tomorrow.:*( and i dont wanna.but oh well. cant wait to go see tasha,and mojo,and everyone else. *ewewewewewew adn JoHN* hehehe well ima go everyone -*luvinzz*-



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